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how was this site brought to life?

The long and short of it, backwards:
I typed out a bunch of code and words, then uploaded the files and picture to the Internet.

Seriously, that's how it happened.

But the longer version has links! Read on, friend.

I used three different types of code to make what you're looking at: XHTML, CSS and PHP. Don't know what those are and/or want to learn? I recommend w3schools for HTML/XHTML & CSS. Tackle PHP through codegrrl.com and tutorialtastic. Both have excellent tutorials, snippets and resources for learning PHP.

Armed with knowledge of these languages and places to go should my memory fail, I wrote the code using editpad lite. EditPad is like Notepad with just enough extras to make it my favourite text editor.

I'm the photographer responsible for the image used for the layout. Bird Hair is its name. It's a picture I shot in March of 2005, during my first adult trip to Atlantic City, NJ. The wind on the beach was strong that day, blowing my hair in front of the camera when I was photographing that bird. Bird hair!
The only alterations made to the image: cropped and resized, using Paint Shop Pro 8.

I uploaded the original site and updated versions to echoverse.org using fireftp: a wonderful, free client for Mozilla Firefox, core ftp lite and cuteftp. FTP program usage depends on which computer I'm using, with the exception of FireFTP, of course ;)

That's it. Unless I forgot something...