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what is the echoverse?

That question has two answers, actually. Possibly three, come to think of it. There is here - these pages on this subdomain, the rest of my sites, domains and other assorted treats scattered about. You are here. You are in the echoverse right now, right here on the.echoverse.org.
On a grander scale there is my life: populated by interesting characters, fueled by bizarre experiences, inspired by actual people that are larger than life and full of book, music, film and other media worthy drama.
/ the echoverse is my universe. echo's universe (the universe of echo) = echoverse.
/ the.echoverse.org is actually the online echoverse...
/ ... and is also part of both the echoverse AND the echoverse online.

The echoverse online refers to domains, sites and other webby things I, echo, have created, messed with, played around in, littered about and deposited on the Internet. (You can call it the online echoverse, Internet echoverse, or whatever term you'd like to use that blows up your skirt these days, but I'm still going to call it "the echoverse".) I've said it before, but since I've still got your attention: 'the echoverse' in this case refers to the subdomain the.echoverse.org, which is a collection of links to the aforementioned echo artistry.
If any of the above seemed confusing or redundant, WELCOME TO THE ECHOVERSE!!!