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who are you?

So, who am I? I think I already addressed that on the main page. I just didn't get into detail. You see, I'm scatterbrained and all over the place - just like all of my stuff on the web. I try to keep things linked, together and presented in an easy to follow fashion. It usually doesn't work out.

Honestly, it's really hard to tell you who I am. Instead, I give to you the gift of several recycled profiles used in conjunction with sites and/or domains that I don't own, all globbed into one. Funny thing about me - you can get more information on me in other spots than on any of my domains - even though I'm a domain whore. (echoverse.org will change that soon. hey! it already is, isn't it?! ha!)

I'm wondering several things right now: who actually reads this entire page? Should I unglob1 the recycled stuff and categorize them? Using a format such as "Livejournal: AM" followed by the copied text of my LJ user info? Maybe I should provide a guestbook... or a suggestion box? What else can I do around here? Shouldn't I concentrate on writing more on and about me using better detail and authorship? To stop questioning myself (really hard to do) I will definitely add in more echo snippets. Making things bigger and globbier than ever!


Ah, the dreaded "all about me" bit. You've seen it on personal domains and web sites, you've read the profiles users create for some sort of Internet service such as this one. [Does echoverse.org count as an Internet service? Have I told you that I digress? A lot? Well, now you know. Back to this version of "about me." - echo.] Perhaps you don't mind reading them - honestly, I usually get a kick out of truncated bios. On the other hand, they're bloody difficult for me to write. How to summarize myself using just a few paragraphs?

Foremost, there is the weight of making a good and hopefully accurate first impression using witticisms, sarcasm, caustic remarks and general silliness. Then we must overcome the ironic hurdle of me loving the proper usage of grammar , yet completely pulling English to shreds, then sewing it back up to suit my style.

It's just a tad too much for a girl to do in just one sitting. This self-summary hasn't even started and it is already time for a break.

Which gives us time to get to...


Like I could really fit this information in a tiny box. Believe me, I could go on and on about me... I'm quite the expert on this subject.

That being said: after years and years of Internet usage, I've filled out so many "about me" things that I'm a bit sick of it. So sick that I've decided to start a clique or webring for personal "about me" pages and profiles. Why not? YOU probably have one somewhere. If you don't, believe me when I say you can easily find a spot on the 'net to create one.

I think a good word to describe me is paradoxical.

Why? Because I'm about to copy and paste an "about me" [again!] from elsewhere2. Recycling is your friend. (Trust me, this is paradoxical.)

Hello, my name is echo. (Known to some as 'Princess Echo', among many a sobriquet.) First of all, you should know that I am bug-shagging crazy. Secondly, my "real" first name is Kara. As the Queen of Supererogation, I cannot make a short story short, let alone a long one. I can make a short story long, however.
As a fan of good grammar, I continually abuse, shred up and modify the English language to suit me. Hopefully others are aware that I only do this colloquially - informal conversations, writings, this mini-bio, etc. If I were to write something I deem important, I would certainly use English as properly as possible. Anyway...

I am a multi-talented eccentric princess who is witty, clever, beautiful (inside AND out), very strong and... MY PURSE CAN AND WILL BE USED AS A WEAPON if necessary. MY CD CASE, WHICH CAN ALSO BE USED AS A WEAPON is yet another of many among my arsenal. To avoid being brained by any, you should stay on my good side. I refuse to put up with nonsense that does not fit into my world in an acceptable (to me) fashion. But let us further examine how I am if you are "on the list".
I am the best ear you can chat up. Ahh, yes - I am a good listener. Plus my advice seems to work for those who take it. The wonderful thing being you don't have to take it.

Let me break my world view down a bit: Entertainment is key. (Viewing life as a stage is really a good way to go.) You dig books, music, film of any sort, and a lot of levity = being in good with me. Should there be no entertainment available, I MAKE MY OWN FUN!!! I love humour. Been told I'm a bit witty as well. STOP THAT! IT'S SILLY!! (I grew up watching "Monty Python's Flying Circus") Almost everything I ever needed to learn about life, I learned through stand-up comedy. I'm always looking for people with similar tastes... I'd rather not be involved with any sort of average person. There is no such thing as normal. I dig eccentrics, music lovers, photographers, people who actually read, other road-trippers, did I mention music lovers?, artsy crafty personages, fantasists, and probably a lot of other things I cannot remember right now. In fact I have problems remembering things period.

With that, I bid you a good day.
1.see other references to my love of words and creating my own.
2.why is that paradoxical? my apparent love/hate relationship with the about me thing.